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Tree Safety Surveys

Tree owners have a duty of care to ensure the safety of people on your property and whom trees on your property could affect.

Periodic inspections limit liability fulfilling the duty of care providing a systematic and consistent evaluation providing an accurate external assessment of the health and safety of trees.

They also provide information on the number, type and age of your trees providing important data to allow for future budgeting.

A typical Tree Hazard Assessment will be carried out from the ground using the imaginatively titled Visual Tree Assessment method. This highlights hazards that may be present and threats to the safety of people and property.

Our standard survey will include

  • A unique reference number
  • The date of inspection
  • The name of the inspector
  • Local features which may either affect of be impacted by the tree
  • Tree age and the dimensions of the stem (DBH), height and canopy spread
  • Physiological and structural condition highlighting any defects or diseases which may be present
  • Recommendations for remedial works to the tree or removing the target area which may be affected by the tree
  • Priority for the works dependant on the severity of the hazard