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Pre-Purchase, Mortgage Tree Surveys and Subsidence

You've found it, the house of your dreams. The right number of rooms, good sized bedrooms, the location is perfect and there is a beauitiful tree in the back garden, perfect for a swing for the kids.

Trees bring with them countless benefits including adding to the character of an area making it more desireable increasing the resale value but they can also have their downfalls. They cast shade which can lead to patchy lawns and dark rooms, fallen leaves can block gutters and drains and make your garden seem messy, at least in the autumn.

Many trees are legally protected? So you can't just chop down the mature oak that's blocking the sunlight from your new front room. Moving in to a house with trees in the garden, or even in the neighbours' gardens, has consequences, and it's important to understand them before you invest in a property.

Once you've decided that you are happy to live with trees, it is always adviseable to commision a detailed tree inspection to ensure they are in reasonable condition, however most mortgage lenders will insist on a tree survey assessing the potential risk and implications posed by trees and want to be sure that the property is insurable before investing.

We offer a survey which not only meets the requirements of lenders and insurance companies in relation to potential damage which may or may not be caused by the tree, but also an assessment of tree health and safety giving you peace of mind.